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Alex Jimenez

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Hello, my name is Alexander Jimenez I am in 9th grade in school. I have always been involved in learning, exploring and making a difference in the community through various organizations such as Boy Scouts of America (where I'm pursuing my Eagle Rank), Rotary International by feeding hungry families in the Chicagoland area, and The Chicago Children’s Festival where physical and health programs take place. Over the years I have been selling in block parties, door-to-door selling raffle tickets, and during public events I sell chocolate bars and offer various yard cleaning services to raise funds for charitable organizations and develop my entrepreneurship skills (which is one of my passions). Throughout the summer I also offer car wash services to raise funds and bring awareness about cancer about the struggles many children face with this deadly decease.


​While working with many kids, I couldn't help to notice that I have been fortunate to pursue my dreams other less fortunate children lack the same opportunities as I have, because of their health struggles. Although the needs are many, I choose to help with cancer because it's very problematic, painful and deadly. Worldwide, 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year (that's one child every 2 minutes). Once I realized this, I decided to take matters into my hands and do something using my entrepreneurship skills and work hard to bring a little joy into the lives of children as they battle this deadly decease.


That’s how my nonprofit organization was born almost five years ago (I was just 9 at the time) called “Smiles Against Cancer” and thru a partnerships with UChicago Medical Comer Children's Hospital and Lurie Children’s Hospital, I purchased toys with the proceeds collected through the year and donate them to hundreds of kids who are struggling with cancer. Although my contributions may seem small, my heart is full of joy when I see those children’s smiles acting local, but impacting the future leaders who will see a better tomorrow.



"Alex Jimenez is a 13-year old with grit. His business acumen is inspiring and now, after starting his own successful nonprofit and being exposed to entrepreneurship from an early age, he is ready to share his passion and knowledge with other young entrepreneurs".                                                                                                                                              -Fig  Factor Media Publishing

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Meet Alex:

TIME Kid of the Year 2020 Nomination Video

Video from a recent pitch for the TIME young entrepreneur competition.

The history of business has been around since the dawn of humanity—from cavemen trading pelts and food to the 21st-century method of super-fast e-commerce. Business and entrepreneurship are fixtures in our daily lives. It's not just adults that find these topics of interest. Younger generations also want to get in on this game from the bottom up is limited to their classroom with educators who are not entrepreneurs themselves. Alexander Jimenez, the author of The Big Idea and a teenager himself, saw that young people like him crave information about business and entrepreneurial basics.


From the author’s point of view...

“The way that most schools teach the subject of business to kids is sadly not as valuable compared to the many available resources. Schools need to teach this topic with a serious yet friendly approach. Today, anyone—including teens—can find answers to their business questions from experts. However, these answers can be hard to comprehend and would require simple explanations. I chose to write this book to help my young readers learn about business easily and simply so they can understand.”

Alexander's book speaks to young readers by introducing them to the foundations of marketing, business strategies, challenges and solutions to creating and building a business, leadership, and getting the upper hand over the competition. Although dedicated to children and teenagers, this book applies to anyone who wants to know the basics of business and thinks of becoming entrepreneurs.

Alexander wants readers to be excited about learning key business and leadership principles that will serve as personal roadmaps to entrepreneurship.

Wow what an inspiration! Nothing happens ‘till a sale is made and Alex sure sold me.


Business-in fact capitalism is built on this principal “find a need and fill it or take a current service or product - look at it and find a way to make it BETTER”.


Alex is a great example of what makes America great, his young, has fire in the belly to make it better and that will lead to better money every time.


-David Hofmann

Oak Brook, IL Stock Trader/Investor/Humanitarian

“Welcome to the road least travelled.  While many other young men his age are satisfied with video games, sports and other recreational activities of their age- Alex has converted a challenging time in our country’s history into a productive one for himself with the writing of the BIG IDEA.  In this book he has applied the basics of entrepreneurialism that make our country the amazing place that it is. 

Alex, you stand head and shoulders above the men of your age and I’m excited for your future.  Thank you for being you- resourceful and a servant leader.  In being that, you are Prepared for Life! Bravo!”


-Lou Sandoval   Chicago, IL - Entrepreneur | Builder of Businesses, Brands and High Performing Teams


what an aspiring Entrepreneur you are! From what I've read about your terrific rise in helping kids in the medical arena....I can already say you have the required qualifications to be a very successful entrepreneur!

Alex, it took me until my mid 30's to accomplish what you are already doing as a young teen entrepreneur! 

After trying to get a franchise for 7 years, and hearing "No", by several franchisers, by being PERSISTENCE, I was finally awarded 1 franchise restaurant. Afterwards, I owned and operated 27 franchised restaurants,  1,300 employees, and $25 million in annual revenues. Little Caesars, Applebee’s, On The Border and Burger King. 

At your age, and entrepreneurial spirit and intelligence, you have the talent to overtake Jeff Bezos from Amazon in your lifetime!

From one entrepreneur to another...stay the course and even if it takes longer than’s YOUR DREAM...DONT LET ANYONE TAKE IT AWAY! BE PERSISTENT!


Tony Álvarez
San Antonio, Texas CEO/Social Entrepreneur